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Production company specialising in magic, menace and macabre

About Us

Strawberry Corpse is an independent production company that produces music videos, commercials and branded content for a diverse range of national and international clients. Focused on director-driven storytelling, Strawberry Corpse have a unique flare for horror, fantasy and fairytale, and are consistently known for producing elaborate and elegant content even with the most modest of budgets.

Strawberry Corpse’s work has been recognised across many disciplines and has been both nominated for and won creative industry awards.

Our offices are based between London and Bristol.


Live Events

Music Videos


Noomi Spook


Noomi continually displays a Dr Frankenstein style flare for bringing ideas to life. She can often be found lurking in the dark, conjuring and concocting strange creations from the most absurd corners of her imagination. With 8 years experience as a producer / director she is a highly skilled and meticulously organised professional film maker, with a talent for creating original and memorable videos. In addition to her work with SC, Noomi also works as a documentary film maker and project manager for bi-annual film apprenticeships at Bristol's Knowle West Media Centre.

Ioanna Karavella


Don't be fooled by her pretty pink face, Ioanna isn't really human. She is a humanoid robot producer from the future, with specialised skills including the ability to work harder, faster, better and for longer than any mere mortal could ever manage. She never seems to tire out and always finishes every job beyond all expectation. Ioanna has 11 years experience and has produced everything from Bristol first independent feature film to music promos for the likes of Turin Breaks. When she is not working for Strawberry Corpse, she is producing online content videos for the Times, The Sun, The Independent, and basically all UK newspapers. And even after all that, we have only had to change her batteries once.

Lee Magpie Smith

Production Manager & Stills Photographer
Lee is a great all round organiser, people person and dragon slayer. No matter the enormity of the task, Lee can get it done. He is a valiant knight, a keen swordsman and a superb stills photographer. Luckily for us lot he shoots most of our publicity shots, as well as the flying fire-breathers. Tally Ho!

Stacey J Kelly

Illustrator / Animator / Graphic Designer
Strawberry Corpse welcomes onboard the ridiculously talented Stacey Kelly to our ever expanding team of creatives. Stacey only uses her magical powers for good, but is a black belt wizard at creating bewitching visuals. She will wave her magic wand over our animation, illustration and graphics needs, adding spellbinding layers of beauty to SC's video projects in the Spooky Laboratory. Alakazam!

Jay Hillburn

Marketing & Assistant Producer

Jay is a bloodthirsty promotions expert and all round excellent guy. When he isn't howling at the moon, he makes sure that all of our content is marketed in the appropriate channels. He keeps our website ticking over and does a grand job of promoting all the work we make, making sure we get the highest number of hits for your online videos. Not bad for a werewolf.


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